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It is amazing the tsunami of emotions I’ve experienced since that day… Monday, July 16, 2012. The afternoon a nurse called to inform me, “The MRI scan of your brain taken on Friday, July 13th confirms a micro-adenoma of approximately 5mm in size located in your pituitary gland.”

Ummm, a wwhhhaaattt? Located where? How big? What is a millimeter?  Teary eyed I listened intently, “Oh, I’m sorry… an adenoma is a tumor… a benign tumor… micro because it is small. There is no indication the tumor is cancerous.” Oh, thank God!

So what does all of this mean?  “Well, the doctor who read your scan doesn’t want to diagnose you, so we need to wait for your doctor to decide a course of treatment. Unfortunately, he is out of the country and due back in two weeks.” Huh? Two weeks? That is f-o-r-e-v-e-r!! **sigh** The nurse was a…

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